Does Val Kleinhans Still Write About Music?

Here’s the truth. Here’s an answer to a question I’ve been asked quite frequently lately.

I’ve been asked online and in person if I’m still “writing about music” even though I’m not on the radio anymore. The truth, and only answer to that question, is a resounding yes.

I do still love to write about music. I like writing about local music, music of all genres, and stuff the entire country is going nuts for. So, yes, I am still writing about it. I plan on continuing to write about it.

I wouldn’t attend shows, put the tunes on my phone, buy the albums, become jealous of those who can actually play an instrument, or hang out with the musicians that make the music if I didn’t care about it.

Music has been a constant source of stability in my life. It’s given me an anchor of consistency to “go back to” when things get crazy, or I’m undergoing another change in life. How else can I repay it for the comfort its given me if I’m not writing about it?

So, yes, please send me music that you’re excited about! Let’s talk about the sound, the feeling, and badassery it emanates together.

Let’s do this. Let’s celebrate.

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