How I Really Feel About Social Media

We talk about social media. As Americans, we eat, sleep, and BREATHE social mediabut how do we really feel about it?

Between my friends and I, we’re constantly weighing the value of it and how much time is “too much time” on it. In the business world, we’ve already decided that its relevant, necessary, and something to take advantage of.

In my world, I quite literally make a living off of it, and I hope to expand that. Social media has now become part of my daily life.

On most days, I’m surfing/engaging/posting on Facebook for 2-4 hours a day for my workplace and my own endeavors. When it comes to Instagram, I browse/post/engage a lot, and that’s because it’s my favorite platform. I’m pretty much using it from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed, if you’re counting posting in stories/a post itself/engaging as “using” it.

I like sharing tips about it! You can see that below.

So why the hell would I spend so much of my time online? Well, it does pay some of my bills, but I also believe in what social media is “supposed” to do.

When Facebook, iPhones, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. were all rolled out officially, all of their creators seemed to say (I’m paraphrasing here) that their logic behind developing these platforms was that they wanted to create a space for people to “connect” and feel like they belonged somewhere.

We can debate all day about whether social media is “good” or “bad,” but we can all agree that we’re definitely connected now because of it. In some cases, we know more about people than we want to!

In the best cases, it can nurture a greater good, foster new friendships, and keep loved ones connected regardless of physical distance. I’m just one of the suckers that believes those things happen more often than the “bad” ones. That’s why I dedicate so much time to it.

Think about it: if we all have the power to be “influencers” now, why not use this power for good? Why not show people that there’s an alternative to living a life (according to society) that you’re “supposed” to live. Let’s make it so the freaks and outcasts can have their moment too!

Let’s use that megaphone to get our message out there, and let our tribe find us. It’s like walking through a market. You can browse what’s offered, and make the best of it! As a business, you get to show the world what you’re capable of.

Through social and digital media, its my hope that those “freaks and outcasts” find me/see me/watch me and know that there is someone else in the world like them. They’re wanted. They’re funny and creative too. They don’t have to subscribe to Miley Cyrus (or whatever “mainstream media” is feeding you) if they choose not to.

You can make your own way in this world.

Social media is just one way to do it.

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