What I Think About New Music From Slipknot And Tool

Both bands have been the talk of the metal community for the past week. I’ve finally had a moment to digest their new releases.

I’m of course talking about Slipknot and Tool. Maggots and Tool fans are known to be extremely passionate and loyal – and that didn’t just magically disappear because both bands were on hiatus from some years.

Hell, living as close to Iowa as I do now has made me more passionate about Slipknot, because their sound does emulate pent-up Midwest frustration well. Let’s just put it this way: I know more maggots in reality than I do the Midwest stereotypes we see on TV. They really are one with their community.

While Tool might be more elusive, there is no question that their fans wanted more music from them – and probably always will so long as they’re willing to create.

Last week, both Slipknot and Tool released their first bits of new music in years. Slipknot with a full album in We Are Not Your Kind, and Tool with a taste of Fear Inoculum via the album’s namesake as its first single.

If it’s taken you a minute to digest all of this, don’t feel bad. I took me a week!

Since I’ve been listening to each, I figured it was time that I share my thoughts on these new releases with you. In summary, both of these releases were well worth the wait!

In We Are Not Your Kind, Corey delivers his well-known cynical and pissed-off vocals that seethe with the same rage we know and love. No complaints there! The music is on point as well. It’s as agressive as we want it to be. I see plenty of maggots moshing to “Red Flag” and driving a little too fast while listening to “Critical Darling.” I think “Insert Coin” is an awesome intro that sets you up for the sick circus you’re about to put your ears through.

As for Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” – what captured me immediately was the sense that we were taking it back to the Lateralus days, which gave us “Schism,” so no complaints there either! If this is a clue as to what the rest of the album will sound like, I’m guessing old school Tool fans will be pleased! Danny’s drumming was on point for it too!

I’m stoked for both of these bands, and so happy that they’ve released new music! Are you ready for more?

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