6 Tips For Fall/Winter Clothes Shopping

Hey! You saw that leaf on the ground too, right?

If you’re like me, you are so ready for fall!

I’d like to think that I’m a bit of a queen when it comes to styling and purchasing fall fashion (I love blacks, rusts, yellows, and greens!), so why not write about it here?

Evidence of me parading myself around like everyday is Halloween is pictured below.

When purchasing fall clothes, there are definitely some things that you’ll want to keep in mind. You want to think about sustainability, whether or not you actually love it, and how you’ll use these pieces.

I never shop for a full outfit. I don’t have full outfits in mind when I’m shopping online or at a store. I shop for amazing pieces that I know I’ll be obsessed with. Then, I’ll think about how I want to style them with what’s in my closet already.

Ready to go down the fall shopping rabbit hole? Here we go!

My tips for fall clothes shopping are…

  1. Don’t be afraid of being too “witchy” or “goth-y”. Some of us build strong followings online with that vibe *wink* – alright, but seriously, don’t think you’ll look “weird” if you really like a black lace piece that you think would work wonderfully with your closet! If a clothing items speaks to you, listen! It’s that simple. Darkness not your vibe? That’s okay too! My point: invest in what reaches you.
  2. Buy it before it’s gone! Plenty of fashionistas are obsessed with the upcoming season too, because it means layers and added cuteness. These pieces sell out fast because you can be more creative (with styling) in the spring and fall than you can be in the summer or winter. If you like something – and I mean really like it, get it!
  3. Overalls are in. No, you won’t look like a child. Invest in them! They’re super easy to wear, and you can make them chic! Pair them with a cute scarf or hat, or fun sweater!
  4. ModCloth and Target are your friend. Yes, I am biased here. However, these stores will offer amazing pieces this season – and at a reasonable price. Trust me, if ModCloth seems higher priced, it’s because those pieces really do last. Target can provide you with affordable sweaters that last too!
  5. Don’t forget Black Friday. Even in late November, it’s not too late to invest in fall clothes. You can make them work for winter and beyond. Again, layering is your friend here. If you’re planning on Black Friday shopping and taking advantage of deals, please be nice to those serving and helping you! It’s a long day for all of us! Don’t forget to have family time at Thanksgiving too!!
  6. Consider backpacks. I’ve struggled with succumbing to the “you need a bag for each season!” trend. So, I’ve bought purses and bags that I didn’t stick with for long because I wanted to be “seasonal” but ended up not being all that into them. Consider cute backpacks instead! They’re always “in season”, sustainable, and dare I say… professional looking? You can wear them that way! This is a trend that’s catching on!

What do you think about these tips? Are you ready to shop for some fall cuteness now?

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