5 Styling Ideas For ‘Transition Season’

When it comes to fashion, the “transition” from summer to fall can trick the best of us.

We’ll start out our day with a cool morning, then it’s blazing hot in the afternoon, and then we cool down again at night! How are we supposed to wear something that’s weather appropriate in conditions like that!?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas… five to be exact.

I’ve been toying with how I’m going to prepare myself for “transition season,” and I’ve come up with five ideas that I think are worth sharing. Try them out and see if they work for you!

Here’s my tips…

  1. Lightweight blouses with long sleeves: Here’s why they work; you’re covered enough thanks to the long sleeves, but they’re so lightweight that they aren’t adding to your body temperature when it’s warm in the afternoon.
  2. Overalls: They work this time of year because you can pair them with a short sleeve top, and keep your legs warm when it cools down. Need to cover your arms when it’s cool? Grab a sweater! Perfect, right?
  3. Flannel: Right now, this works because flannel tops are always on trend, add to a grungy vibe, and they do keep you warm when it cools down. Throw one over a short sleeve t-shirt or blouse. Too hot while wearing one? Take it off! Ta-da!
  4. Sweaters: …because, duh. Easily removable when you need them to be. Mix them up with fun prints!
  5. Refer to the queen of layering: Her name is Stevie Nicks. Example of my version below.

Just like Stevie, I wore a black lace cover-up to a wedding recently. I threw it over a sleeveless jumpsuit. It was a hot 90 degree day in Kentucky when I took this, and yet I wasn’t overly hot. The lace allowed airflow during the hot afternoon, and it kept me warm enough when it cooled down at night.

Here’s some other kickass transition season ideas from the queen…

You’ll notice that Stevie is all about kimonos, shawls, and frilly lace as cover ups. Throw them over a tank top, cami, or… anything really… and you’ll be comfortable this season.

Are you ready to transition?

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  1. I love me some overalls!!

    1. Aren’t they the best!?

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