3 Things I Bought From The ‘Men’s Department’

Ladies, I promise – you don’t have to pay twice as much for a simple black belt. There’s a way around that.

You’ve probably shopped the women’s department for black belts before. When I did this, I just thought a lot of the black belts in the women’s department were a little too “cutesy” and thin for my taste, and I wanted something a little more simple.

To my surprise, I found a classic simple black western style belt in the men’s section for almost $10 cheaper than the “cutesy” black belts in the women’s department.

Yep – you read that correctly. $10 DOLLARS CHEAPER. I’ll never get a classic black belt in the women’s section again! You don’t have to either.

This is that belt I’m talking about. You can pair it with anything!

You see, this kicked off an experiment for me. After this, every time I went shopping I made sure to browse the men’s area just to see if things were more “my style” and cheaper.

While some pricing did vary between sections for similar garments, I did notice that the men’s section seemed to offer more simple and classic looks that I’m into. These clothes also happened to be just a hair cheaper at comparable products!

Let me give you some examples…

In this picture, I’m rocking a rhino print top that really could be unisex (the cashier agreed with me on that one!), but I found it in the men’s section at Old Navy. $20.

Same story with this tiger print top. Also a men’s section score from Old Navy.

My point is, even if the term “men’s section” scares you, don’t be afraid of it. You can find great deals and products there too. Plus, if you’re worried about them being “feminine enough,” just take a look at how I styled the men’s section looks above. You can make them what you want!

Stay tuned for more men’s area finds! I’m gonna be there more often!

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