Tan France Helped Me Get Over My Fear Of Horizontal Stripes

Some people would say Queer Eye has magical powers. I’m one of those people.

I don’t know what there is “about it” necessarily, but every time I watch it on Netflix I feel as though there’s still hope for the world. There really are kind people doing their thing in our existence. It’s even better to watch them be “rewarded” on the show.

While grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness is my favorite “personality” on the show, I obviously pay attention to notes from fashion expert Tan France too.

Tan isn’t your “always wear black and be serious, professional first!” type of stylist. He really does craft looks that show off the personality of whoever he’s dressing. He’s not afraid of colors or prints. More importantly, he respects their boundaries as well.

In fact, he told InStyle, “[…] I have so many stripes. You can’t go wrong with a stripe. I don’t agree with many people who say, ‘Oh if you’re feeling self-conscious about your weight or your size, you shouldn’t go for a horizontal print.’ I couldn’t disagree more. I think if you feel comfortable in a print, go for it.”

Honestly, that (and watching Tan dress others in stripped looks) lit a fire under my butt to bring back one of my favorite (and classic, in my opinion) looks, a horizontal striped t-shirt.

There’s just something about a horizontal striped t-shirt that speaks major retro and comfort vibes to me. Wearing one is like eating a bowl of mac and cheese. It’s familiar, and it’s good!

I stopped wearing them when I gained weight because I bought the “they’ll make you look fat!” lie. I decided to bring them back into my wardrobe in colors that I’m into. In the picture above, you can even see that I mixed it with plaid printed prints for a vintage styled look.

Oh, and I styled it cropped and with a tie too! And you know what, when I look at this picture I see someone genuinely comfortable in what they’re wearing, and that’s all that matters.

So now I’ll ask, what do you want to bring “back” into your wardrobe that you may have rejected?

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