3 Summer Handbag Styles You Need In Your Life

How many of these options are in your closet?

I have to admit – sometimes I find it hard to dress for summer. I don’t always know how to style such little or few clothing options! Do you struggle with this too!

Allow me to make your summer fashion life a little easier with one word… rattan.

Take a look at the gallery below, and I’ll explain further. Right away, you’ll see that crossbody styles for bags are still very in.

You see, rattan or wicker bags are automatically more “summer looking” purely because of their aesthetic. When we see rattan or wicker, we think patio furniture and summer cookouts, right? I do too!

My point is this: if you ever question whether or not a bag is “summer ready” just consider the material used to make it. Don’t get hung up on colors. You’ll be sucked into a world of pastels that will only get used six months out a year if you’re lucky. Rattan or wicker bags can be worn YEAR ROUND because they’re a natural material – and they’re perfectly suited for hot weather too because your items in your bag will have room to breathe.

Find a bag in a shape you love! Let me know what you think of rattan and wicker material!

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