8 Summer Fashion Essentials You Need

Do you have these ready to go in your closet?

Since Summer is officially here (according to the calendar anyway), I thought now was as good a time as any to celebrate the season by discussing summer fashion.

Ready for my tips?

Here are some things that I believe you need in your closet this summer.

  1. Badass sunnies: Get more on those in my latest blog here.
  2. White, flowy things: This can be a blouse (just like seen above), loose top, or even a t-shirt. I just think white is a cool classic summer look that’s essential for the season.
  3. Funky hats: Protecting yourself from the sun doesn’t have to look outdated!
  4. A fun graphic tee: Perfect for the season, and an easy way to express your personality while wearing less clothes than at other times of the year.
  5. A summer dress: Because, duh.
  6. Combat boots: Hear me out – combat boots, in my view, are a fun and transferable look. They’ll give you a vintage rocker feel and prepare you for a summer hike. Take advantage!
  7. Wicker or rataan handbags: Such a summer vibe here, and you can give your favorite black bag (that goes with everything, I know!!) a break!
  8. Comfortable shorts: Paper shorts are in right now. So is classic denim. I love buying mine a size up to avoid those annoying burns!

What do you think? Could you rock these looks?

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