5 Favorite Summer Sunnies You Need In Your Life

Trust me, boo. They are amazing!

I’m not one for accessories, typically. If I am, I usually throw on a hat or some funky sunglasses. Otherwise, I probably am not wearing any.

So, I take my sunglasses pretty seriously when I chose some fun ones to wear. I wear them a lot to prevent migraines. They’re an essential part to my summer wardrobe.

Here are four of my favorites for this season! Check them out.

I purchased all of these sunglasses at either Target or Urban Outfitters. Usually, you’ll find the funkier ones at UO. They really are totally affordable, and by that I mean less than $20 a pair.

A tip to keep in mind: choose glasses that fit into your wardrobe color palette. This way, you’ll always have a reason to wear them and you can mix and match depending on your mood!

I picked black, brown, and orange ones here.

What do you think!? Could you rock them?

2 responses to “5 Favorite Summer Sunnies You Need In Your Life”

  1. Couldn’t pull them off myself but you look great! I really like the daisy glasses.

    1. I’m sure you could do it!

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