How I Styled Two $4 Goodwill Sweaters For Summer

Sweaters??? In the SUMMER!? Yep, you can do it.

About a week ago, I had clothes to donate to Goodwill. While I waiting to donate, I decided to browse my local store just to see if anything I’d donated previously actually ended up on the racks.

SPOILER ALERT: they did! It was really awkward to see my old hat and top hanging on their racks for sale as I browsed for “new clothes” at the same time.

While I browsed, I figured that I might as well see what this “thrifting” craze in fashion is all about. It’s actually trendy to wear thrifted pieces right now.

I didn’t come up empty handed!

I scored a $4 black blouse (from Maurice’s originally – I’ll rock it soon!), and some $4 sweaters too!

You probably just read that sentence while asking yourself why in the world I would buy sweaters in June? Well, there’s a few reasons that I purchased them: 1) they were cute, 2) they’re lightweight, and 3) living in Minnesota, I’m sure I’ll find layering use for them year round.

In the pictures above, you can see how I styled my finds this summer.

I threw them over lightweight tops and shorts, and in one look I completed it with a crossbody bag. Add a cute bandana, or braids, to your hair for some more airflow too!

My keys here for these looks: color coordination, and maximum airflow. My green sweater works wonderfully with other earth tones – so I chose my earthy vibed fox top to pair with it. My orange singlasses matched the orange foxes on my shirt.

For my new black chevron sweater, a black bandana in my hair and black choker tied up the look nicely.

Unfortunately, that bag pictured (with my green sweater) has since entered fashion heaven because my cat destroyed it (*sigh*).

If you have a curious kitty, do not buy macrame or straw bags…

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