Jordan Buckley Left His Minneapolis ETID Set Like A Damn King

We know that Jordan Buckley of Every Time I Die regularly loses his shit on stage, but what happened off stage in Minneapolis this weekend was something to witness!

So here’s what happened…

ETID was opening for Mastodon and Coheed & Cambria at The Armory in Minneapolis on Saturday night. I attended the show with my brother-in-law and husband. Going to shows together is kind of our yearly thing. We make sure to do it at least once a year.

Obviously, Every Time I Die put on a great and energetic set filled with the hits you wanted to hear. Seriously – no complaints there. Most of their set was Low Teens, but they did throw in some classics. The night didn’t need to get better, but it did.

They launched into “Map Change” as their last song of the night, and as Keith Buckley was saying goodbye, brother Jordan crowd surfed all the way to the back of The Armory (with his guitar!) – and landed at the ETID merch area. NO ONE EVEN CAME CLOSE TO DROPPING HIM!

Understandably sweaty as hell, he stayed there well into Mastodon’s set, and greeted fans.

Here’s the photographic evidence!

Wanna know how the conversation went with Jordan? Here’s a transcript!

Jordan *notices me*: “Get in here!” (motions to come in for a pic)

I walk over to him…

Jordan: “Was this your first time seeing our show?”

Me: “Second!”

Jordan: “When was your first?”

Me: “Northern Invasion two years ago. 2017. Wisconsin.”

Jordan: “Oh! Get that shit out of your head. It rained that day.”

Me: *can’t actually remember if it rained or not/has flashback to the massive pit ETID started that day* “I didn’t mind!”

Jordan: “Where are you from?”

Me: “Rochester. An hour or so away.”

Jordan: “Rochester, New York!??” *excited because he’s from upstate NY.

Me: “Nah dude, the other one. Minnesota.”

Jordan: “Oooh okay. Thanks for coming out!”

That, my friends, definitely made this a night to remember. The music was enough for me, but that funny moment with Jordan is something that I won’t forget. I know other fans loved it as well!

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