5 Graphic Tees Every Vintage Loving Rocker Chick Needs In Their Life

If you’ve paid attention to fashion at all since 2003, you’ve probably noticed that graphic tees have been having a serious moment – but why do you need them?

Well, I like say that my love of graphic tees exists for two reasons; they’re comfy, and they can share a lot of personality with very little effort. You don’t have to think when you’re wearing them – they do “the work” (or provide style and personality) for you.

Don’t know what a graphic tee is? That’s cool! It’s probably best if I show you one – so, I’ll point to the OG graphic tee queen, Ms. Hilton.

Most of us became aware of graphic tees thanks to paparazzi shots of her running around LA in 2003.

Because graphic tees are so diverse and can show of your personality easy, I love having some favorites in my closet. Here’s some that I’ve been obsessing over recently.

Get where I found them in the captions.

Yep, Urban Outfitters is pretty much my one stop shop for cute graphic t-shirts that have a vintage or rocker vibe to them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ones that fit your vibe at basically every retailer ever.

The cool thing about graphic tees is that they’re so popular now that everyone is selling them.

Find ones that show off your vibe and rock them with shorts, skirts, or jeans! Can’t forget your favorite sunnies either!

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