5 Ways To Get Live Music Scoop In Rochester

How many times have you heard the following come out of someone’s mouth?

You might hear, “there’s nothing to do in Rochester!” or “I don’t know where to find out about live music or art events in Rochester.” I’ve heard both. While I can’t help you out with the first statement (to each their own), I can give you some tips on where to find live music scoop for Rochester, Minnesota. It’s actually pretty easy.

Take a look at these links below, and explore them. I guarantee you’ll get the news you’ll need on what’s happening in Rochester.

  • My Town My Music: This is literally a website that has live music events posted on their homepage for you to check out. Get the info as fast as it takes to load a webpage! They’re also on Facebook and Instagram too. If you’re worried about ticket costs, becoming a member of this website can put you in drawings for free tickets and help you score major discounts!
  • The Rochester Posse: This team of awesome creatives loves bringing fantastic shows to this area. They work so hard to bring you a variety of genres of music to check out weekly. You’ll find their events in coffee shops, art studios, bars, other venues – really anywhere in Rochester. A lot of what they bring to the area is family-friendly too. Get updates on shows they’re hosting here.
  • Facebook Events: This seems like a no brainer, but it really does work. Using Facebook Events should really be about making it work for you. Even hitting the “interested” button on events you might like to go to will help Facebook’s algorithm slide similar events into your newsfeed. Don’t worry about your schedule – just hit the “interested” button anyway. The more you interact with the events page, the better/easier it is to find what you’re into.
  • Follow the venues: Again, this seems like another no brainer. If you follow the venues and locations hosting the live music events you want more of, guess what’s going to happen? You’ve increased the chances you’ll see their events in your news feed. Think CafĂ© Steam, The Castle, Kathy’s, Canvas & Chardonnay, the Rochester Downtown Alliance, North Star Bar, etc. This applies to every social media platform. Interact with them as much as possible to increase those chances even more.
  • Follow your girl: Duh. Hopefully you’re already doing this, but if you’re not – please do! I love posting about live music events in my city, and discussing music nationally if we’re being honest. I’ll post about live music events, the local music scene, and give you some bts clips of it. Stay tuned!

See you at the shows!

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