‘Scars’ Save The Metal Scene?

When you listen to the grit behind the vocals, you just might think The Scars Heal In Time is saving metal.

These lovely talents just put out a new single, “Save Me,” which I hope is a clue as to what they’re next album will sound like. Check it out!

Here’s what I like about the video; one YouTube comment was right when it mentioned, “I’m obsessed with the Halestorm/ Paramore/ Evanescence vibe going on there. Loving it !!!” It does have that vibe, and I like it to! It’s not overly dramatic, it’s just a jam session with friends jumping around the band.

As for the song itself, Kayla really impressed me with the grit behind her voice on this one. I want to hear more of it! In the vein of Lamb Of God, the lyrical content forces the listener to challenge their own perspective – and I dig that too!

What do you think about “Save Me”?

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