Bike Shorts: Your Spring And Summer Savior

Have you experimented with fashion’s newest trend yet?

If you live in Rochester, you know that we like to bike. The city has tons of bike lanes. You probably already have a pair of bike shorts in your closet, so making these cute and comfortable pieces part of a routine won’t be super hard at all.

I’ve been using Instagram as my “how to” guide for styling bike shorts, and it turns out that you can do more with them than you thought you could!

I’ve been rocking them under blouses. I’ve also been rocking them under skirts for extra coverage and comfort.

Find some that you adore, and make them work for you!

For an edgy look, try pairing them with cowboy or combat boots. Need to be a little more sophisticated? Loafers will get the job done when it comes to that aesthetic.

Have fun!

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