Why ‘Old Town Road’ Is Smarter Than You Think It Is

Sure, it sounds and looks dumb – but if you read between the lines, it’s smarter than you think it is.

Don’t @ me for this, but I’m talking about the country’s current top hit “Old Town Road” right now. You know, the one by Lil Nas X and Miley‘s daddy Billy Ray? YUP. That one.

Need a refresher? Watch the video below.

When you examine the lyrics behind “Old Town Road” and compare them in conjunction with the video for the tune, it’s not a stretch to say that Lil Nas X has brilliantly called out the country music scene – and he’s doing it with “one of their own” (Billy Ray) too.

“Hat is matte black
Got the boots that’s black to match
Ridin’ on a horse, ha
You can whip your Porsche
I been in the valley
You ain’t been up off that porch, now”

Is Lil Nas X suggesting he’s more street because he’s not dressing to impress others while claiming that’s not what he’s about? That’s my opinion after reading those lyrics. He’s calling country stars fake, and perhaps rightfully so. He’s suggesting they’re more into their own image. The next verse brings it home…

“Ridin’ on a tractor
Lean all in my bladder
Cheated on my baby
You can go and ask her
My life is a movie
Bull ridin’ and boobies
Cowboy hat from Gucci
Wrangler on my booty”

If that’s not saying “ya’ll are a complete stereotype, and you’re purposely trying to live up to it” – I don’t know what else does. Dare I say Lil Nas X is suggesting those cheating stories in country songs are just that… cheating “stories”?… yep, I just did.

The damn video is a spaghetti western spoof that includes Chris Rock! (Side note: can someone like Quentin Tarantino make that a reality?)

If you’re a country fan, I get that you’re mad right now. Here’s the thing: we don’t know if Billy Ray Cyrus interpreted the song this way or not.

I just appreciate that someone is (possibly) bringing these points about country music artists to light.

Do you think that’s what Lil Nas X is doing here?

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