5 Places To Wear Summer Dresses

There’s the usual places that you can wear summer dresses, but did you think about other ones too?

I have to admit, I went a little cray cray and bought a ton of skirts and dresses to wear this spring and summer. If I’m honest, I’ll find a way to make those pieces of gorgeous last all year long – but that’s not why you’re reading this blog.

I want to talk about wearing dresses during the summer – since we’re gearing up for the season.

We can wear summer dresses at graduation parties and weddings, but I’ve put some thought into it and I think I just might have some more options on places to rock these cuties. So, let’s do this? Here’s my list of places to rock a summer dress…

  1. Graduation parties: Duh.
  2. Weddings: Again, duh.
  3. Dinner dates: Going to Five West and enjoying their patio? You’re going to want a breathable clothing option – so why not “dress up” and rock a summer dress? You’ll impress your date, and feel comfortable!
  4. Work: If you’re not required to wear a uniform, why not rock a summer dress to work? Think about it: you bought them, and you want to wear them as often as possible to get your money’s worth, right? Wearing them to work is a cute and polished option! If you’re allowed to, that is. Just keep the AC in mind. If your office is cold, grab a light cardigan to cover your legs with. Tie it around your waist when you don’t need it for a vintage feel.
  5. Outdoor concerts: You won’t be too hot, you’ll look cute, and you can throw bike shorts under them if you really need to rock. It’s such an easy look to put together!

My point is, even casual events can call for a summer dress. They’re not as “uppity” as you might think they are. Be comfortable, and be cute!

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