Justin Bieber And Ed Sheeran Released New Music, And This Is What I Think Of It

We knew this day was coming. I just didn’t think we’d see it this soon.

Before the trolls come out and roast me for writing about Justin Bieber at all in this blog, allow me say two things; I applaud him for being a mental health advocate, and it’s my blog thank you very much.

Justin’s music isn’t the first thing that I throw on when I’m in the car, or when I’m working out, but he has an impact no doubt. I especially love watching he and Hailey Baldwin express supporting him through his mental health struggles together. It’s absolutely incredible to see.

Justin’s latest single with Ed Sheeran touches on anxiety a bit. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s called, “I Don’t Care” – take a listen.

You might’ve heard the lyric; “With all these people all around / I’m crippled with anxiety.” For me, THAT’S SO REAL. Plus, it’s a summer bop for sure.

It’s refreshing to hear someone talk about social anxiety instead of suggesting that your life is nothing without going to parties and being outgoing. If you live with anxiety, you know that crowds and social gatherings can be difficult to navigate. When you listen to the tune more, you’ll get the overall impression that he’s thanking a partner (we’ll assume Hailey) for their support in those anxious times.

I’m willing to bet that this tune is autobiographical for Justin, and Ed sprinkled his magic alongside him.

What do you think of it?

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