Is The Headwrap Trend Taking Over?

If you ask me, the answer to whether or not headwraps are the new hot accessory is a resounding YES!

I wanted to try on this trend myself, because it’s a little bit out of my comfort zone. Other cultures wear them regularly, and I’ve always thought that the way you could mix up headwrap colors with your outfit looked like a work of art in itself. When I tried mine on, I didn’t know what to expect.

I ordered two headwraps from Forever 21 and fell in love with them instantly! They’re an awesomely consise and cute way to cover a bad hair day, or save time and still look like you did “something” with your hair that day. Wider ones completely cover my low hairline too. I’ve now got one in black and orange.

What do you think!? Would you try on this trend too?

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