Book Proves That Music Improves Mental Health

The book release is being celebrated in the best way. Have you heard about Mark Mallman’s The Happiness Playlist?

Mark is a musician himself. He’s based in Minneapolis.

If you check out The Happiness Playlist on Amazon, you’ll see that it’s explained, “Minneapolis rock legend Mark Mallman woke at 3 a.m. with a crushing panic attack that wouldn’t end. He responded by pouring songs into a happiness playlist and leaning on the wisdom of friends. This is the true story of a man beset by grief, healed by music, and learning to laugh through it all.” That’s right – this book is literally the tale of how Mark used music to overcome a crippling mental health struggle. What’s more metal than that!?

He explains further on LinkedIn, “happiness does not diminish when shared.” – and that’s exactly why he wrote this book.

You can catch Mark share his story live right here in Rochester tomorrow night. See you there!

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