I Stuggle With Being ‘Selfish’

If you’ve ever struggle with making yourself a priority, you’re not alone boo.

That’s literally the entire point of this blog. I’m hoping that by sharing this “struggle”, I’ll find more of you who can relate to it.

Sometimes it just feels like there isn’t enough hours in the day to really do everything you want to do. Allow me to explain… in a perfect world (on a weekday), my schedule would include; gym, breakfast, photoshoot/blogging time, lunch, work, seeing friends or a date with my husband after work. Some days, that schedule is much easier to achieve than others.

Here’s the weird thing about that – I’m hard on myself no matter which version of that schedule I complete! If I get it all done, I say “oh you did too much.” If I don’t complete everything, I call myself “lazy.” Then there’s the times where I’ll say to myself, “but running errands or getting groceries for your family is more important than whatever you want to do today – better make time for that.” Sure, it’s important, but do I have to do it everyday? Of course not.

I sat back and reflected on this over the weekend and thought, “maybe I just have a problem with being selfish?”

We throw the word “selfish” around a lot. Sometimes it has negative connotations. I’ve been questioning if that’s the root of my whole problem when it comes to accomplishing my dream schedule.

The world “selfish” does have negative undertones in my eyes, but logic says that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish.

Mr. Webster says the actual definition of the word selfish is, “(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” Maybe this needs to be our concrete guide when it comes to deciding for ourselves whether or not our actions actually are selfish.

Are you harming anyone? Being rude? Being impatient? Is your primary goal personal profit? Are you affecting the lives of others (in a harmful way) in pursuit of your happiness? If the answer to those questions is “no” perhaps there’s no problem.

Being consistent in that definition of selfish, and using it as a compass for my own life, is something I going to work on as I recover from last year.


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