Don’t Know Rochester’s Newest Band? You Do Now

I’ve felt, for a long time, that the music scene in Rochester covers a variety of music genres.

We’re so fortunate to have alternative bands, reggae bands, punk bands, rock bands, metal bands, country bands, a hip-hop presence, and so much more. If we were missing anything, it might be an alt-rock group that reminds us of the early 2000s? However, the time has come for even that “hole” to be filled – if not sealed completely.

Ever heard of Winterstate? They’re made up of singer/songwriter Kelvin Killmon and multi-instrumentalist Alex Ortberg (who you may also know from Twin Lakes). You’ll know more about them next month, but I can tell you now that if you were ever a fan of Fall Out Boy or Hoobastank – you’ll want to give them a chance.

Get to know them on May 11th at their album release show for The Ride.

Winterstate via Facebook

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