Spring 2019 Looks You Need In Your Life, And How To Wear Them

Spring is FINALLY here in Minnesota!

Okay, I’m using the term “spring” loosely here because what I really mean is that we’re finally breaking 40 degrees on a regular basis! Woo hoo!

To celebrate, I’m excited to show you some spring pieces that I’m working into my wardrobe that really can be used for just about any season. You don’t even need florals or pastels, boo. It’s so much more than that.

If you know me, you know that I’m not a pastel girl anyway… but I do make one exception. Let’s take a look!

If you took a look at the photos above, you’ll probably notice some patterns and commonalities. Those are what I think make 2019 spring fashion trends… in my world anyway!

Here’s what’s trending to me…

  1. Trench coats: A classic closet staple that every man and woman should have, they’re fun to wear and style! Find one in a color you love and rock it with a sweet belt. Experiment! I went for orange since I’m obsessed with that color.
  2. Skirts: Flowy, fun, and breathable. You can’t beat them. Find them in a style and color you love. You’ll instantly add some class and professionalism to your look too! You don’t even have to wear them with heels. If you’re like me, combat boots (or any boot really) are the way to go.
  3. Denim jackets: Another closet staple everyone needs. I rock mine in black and dark-washed denim.
  4. If you have to pastel, go mint: Fellow Avril Lavigne fans from 2002, I hear you. We weren’t “Britneys” then, and we totally aren’t now — so we’re not rocking pastels and florals just because everyone else is. However, if you want to add some bright color into your wardrobe and pink and a light yellow aren’t your thing, consider mint. Think about it: it’s a soft color, it’s technically green, and it’s not obnoxiously “girly.” I’m working more of it into my wardrobe.

What do you think of my spring style suggestions? Are you into them?

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