5 Female Rochester Musicians You Should Know

Allow me to get the “female fronted” debate out of the way first, before discussing these talented ladies.

You see, some of us (understandably) feel the slight clinching of our bungholes whenever the term “female-fronted” is used in music. I understand why. We shouldn’t have to differentiate these bands or artists from “other bands” simply because of their gender – but it happens.

However, might I suggest that “female-fronted” isn’t such a bad term? Think about it: as women we’re almost getting more credit for being badass on stage because “we’re girls” – especially if we’re playing “heavier” or “more dangerous” music. Should it be this way? No. Though, as long as it is, why not take the credit for it and keep “surprising” them?

The women I’m about to mention surprised me purely because they’re so talented. They’re original. They’re proud of their sound. They’re all based right here in Rochester.

If you haven’t yet, please meet…

  • Amy Abts: Of Amy Abts and the Transcranials. If you miss the 90s, you need to listen to her. It’s just that simple.
  • VILD: I’ve said a thousand times before that she’s got a range and can sing like Regina Spektor. I mean it.
  • My Grandma’s Cardigan: These ladies are like a cardigan; cute, cozy, and there for you when you need a moment to chill.
  • AfterTime: Sarah Wolf fronts this band. When she performs, you can hear that she takes her craft seriously.
  • Annie Mack: Smooth and soulful. Listen to her.

Now, which of these ladies are you going to listen to first?

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