5 Spring ‘Must Haves’ For Your Closet

It’s time to get back to writing about fashion, kids! We all know florals aren’t the only fashionable things we lik to show off each spring, right?

Allow me to suggest five new items to add to your cloest you could totally rock. I just purchased them myself, and I’ve been really happy with them!

Before I start, you should know that I am not a pastel girl. At all. Like, ever. As a fashionista, I know this is a sin because we’re supposed to “love” pastels and florals prints this time of year.

Those colors just never have (and never will) interested me. Just as they do with Miranda Priestly, they bore me.

Moving on to the reason why you clicked – a gallery! Here are some cute things I’ve purchsed and plan on rocking the hell out of this spring.

You’re going to want…

  1. These easily wearable and comfy/breathable button town tops from American Eagle. I chose them in “pink” (it’s not an obnoxious pink) and gray.
  2. This fantastic Target blazer.
  3. The gold boots pictured previously. They’re UO, and appear to be sold out, BUT how about these instead?
  4. This bamboo bag that you’ll see everywhere this season. It comes in black (which I opted or), or a neutral tone.
  5. This fedora. I got mine in “rust”, but holy cute batman you should see “lilac” and “beige” too!
  6. This comfy sweatshirt. Pick the one that matches what you love to eat!

All of these items are actually in my closet right now. I don’t recommend what I wouldn’t wear myself, boo. I should add that it never hurts to grab a simply green or animal print blouse either. Both are totally in right now!

How do you like to rock spring fashion? Prints? Colors? Show me!

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