6 Thoughts On Stress That You Didn’t Consider

Stress is supposed to be a bad thing, right?

We’re told this constantly by social media, TV, and doctors. I’m not a fan of stress either, but I can’t deny that it is part of my life.

We all experience stress in one way or another. Some of us perhaps more than others (Hi! Have we met? I’m Val!). It’s a constant that behaves like those annoying gnats do every summer. It just doesn’t completely go away.

After a particularly stressful period last week, I chose to reflect on how I felt after the fact. I was stressed, but I realized that I had faced what I call “good stress”, and not stress that beat me down mentally. Now, I define “good stress” as “things which it’s completely okay or normal to be worried about.” In fact, me telling myself just that alleviated some anxiety for me.

This led me to some other observations about stress, and I thought I would share some of those thoughts with you.

Here are some things that I noticed when it comes to stress, and how to handle it. Let me know if you agree with any of this…

I hope this brought some help, or comfort. Let’s get through this together!

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