6 Cheap Ways To Survive ‘The Winter Blues’

Oh yeah, I’m fed up with winter too.

I guess that’s kind of weird because as a winter baby with a birthday in January, I should love winter, right? NOPE. My actual favorite season is fall.

I like winter for about two or three months. In Minnesota, we’re basically on month four of our winter and it’s not quite over yet.

Since this particular winter seems endless, and very snowy (so snowy that you’re finding snowbanks taller than you are!), I figured I’d throw you some cool ideas for how to beat the “winter blues” when you’re pretty much just cooped up inside and going to work.

  1. Binge The Assassination of Gianni Versace on Netflix: You’ll not only be entertained but also take comfort in the fact that at least this winter isn’t driving you as crazy as Andrew Cunanan was.
  2. Stock up on pizza: Pizza makes everyone happy. Stock up on enough to have some at home! Save the poor delivery person a trip too!
  3. Organize your place: Now is as good a time as any to clean up that storage closet, right? Might as well do it when you can’t be outside anyway.
  4. ‘Marie Kondo’ your closet: You’ll feel better for purging things that are either too small for you or just aren’t “your style” anymore. File this one under “might as well do it while I can’t be outside” too.
  5. Listen to new music: How often do we get a minute to ourselves to really sit down and dissect new music to see if we like it? Yeah, hardly ever. Take the opportunity to dive in!
  6. Use your phone to really communicate with others: We use our phones for social media, checking emails, and buying things – but what if we spent more time actually texting or calling with them so we don’t feel isolated? I’ve been texting more, and it’s definitely a nice reminder that I’m not alone, even if I can’t physically visit someone.

I hope these tips help you, because honestly they’ve helped me.

This winter has been challenging for me when it comes to creating fun pictures, staying on a routine, and keeping a super cheery attitude, but hey, spring isn’t too far away – right?

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