90s Chokers Are Back, Here’s Where To Get Them

When it comes to bringing back 90s chokers, I only have one word for you…

That word, friends, is Target.

I’m not kidding. I went on a serious choker hunt online not too long ago, and in my opinion the best (and most 90s looking ones) were found (at a reasonable price) at Target.

The chokers that you see me wearing in the pic above can be found here.

The key to adding a 90s twist to them is draping them with a cute and funky longer necklace. You might add something like this necklace for example.

Looking for a choker that’s suitable for work? Hey, I don’t blame you – this trend is my favorite! I think the key to making chokers work at work (hahaha see what I did there?) is the presentation. You can find more “mature” looking chokers at Target too. Take these, for example¬†– rose gold is so in right now and you could totally rock these with any blouse or blazer. Go for it!

Will you be jumping on the choker trend too?

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