5 Rochester Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Should Look Into

Do you struggle to come up with date ideas sometimes too? You’re not alone!

I have a complicated relationship with Valentine’s Day because it just seems like a day where you’re obligated to be on a date with someone. God forbid you have a date on a different day, ya know?

While my husband and I may or may not actually have a date on February 14th, we still like to do our best to find fun local things to do together. While I was looking for date ideas, I jotted my favorites down and decided to share some with you.

Check these out!

  1. A six-course meal at Forager: Pricey? Yes. Amazing food and well worth it? Also, yes. It’s certainly a treat for any foodie.
  2. Tiny Valentine Market: This one isn’t being held on the 14th, but you and your sweetie will find awesome gift ideas here. You’ll also get a cool look at Rochester’s art scene.
  3. A Singing Valentine: It’s described as, “[…] a big, romantic party! Love is in the air as you listen to Choral Arts Ensemble sing a couple serenades while you share plenty of fine food and warm company at A Singing Valentine.” It definitely sounds cozy!
  4. Valentine’s Day at Bleu Duck: More tasty food options lasting all week long!
  5. Valentine Dance Band: Show off your ballroom moves, or learn some new ones!

There really is something for everyone in Rochester for Valentine’s Day. Check any of those events out!

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