This Might Be The Best Valentine’s Decoration Released In 2019

Wanna know who released cute Valentine’s Day decorating ideas? You’ll be shocked to find out…

Its Target. Yep. Target. Isn’t it always Target?

Anyway, I found the cutest and coolest decoration for your Valentine’s Day this year. It’s perfect to have around the house or to send to school with the kids because they’ll make their classmates jealous.

I’m 29 and I couldn’t pass up their new collection of Valentine’s Day mailboxes. I chose to make a unicorn box! You can choose a unicorn too, or a dinosaur, pizza, or rocket ship. They’re all pretty cool!

They really are easy to make, and they’re not a messy project either.

Sure, this might sound silly – but it is definitely a fun way to collect valentines from your admirers!

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