Are We Keeping ‘Journals’ Online Instead?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m noticing a pretty interesting change in how we use social media. I’m here for it. Are you?

Ten years ago, the typical Facebook post might look something like “Val is chillin’ til’ work.” That’s how mine usually looked anyway. Currently, I feel like we’re writing novels instead.

Remember that aunt that has to send a “holiday update letter” every Christmas? She’s posting it on Facebook instead now. How about the way grandma checks in on the grandkids? She’s even on Facebook now asking for health advice and sending love to the family. It simply feels like more of us are putting our hearts and souls online. We’re doing it in multiple paragraphs too.

I found myself thinking that what my thirteen-year-old self may have used to write in a journal is now being posted online instead – and I’m not talking about Xanga (RIP). I’m talking about pouring our guts out in posts, story platforms, and captions.

Unfortunately, my theory is that we’re doing this because we feel like it’s one of the few ways we keep in touch with friends and loved ones anymore. What we can’t make happen because we’re too “busy” we’re sending in a message via Facebook. Is there something wrong with this? That’s for you to decide. For me, I find posting on social media to mostly be cathartic and provide a sense of relief. It helps me keep in touch with my friends and loved ones who are scattered all over the country.

So, yes, do I get personal online? I do. I think it’s the only way some folks really know how I’m doing – and I think most of them appreciate that.

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