The Right Way To Do Your Birthday In Rochester

I’m not saying making out with a window was involved in my birthday celebration, but it happened.

Don’t worry, making out with a window isn’t customary in Rochester. It’s just something that might happen if you’re really drunk on 1st Ave SW downtown – and it’s 10pm on a Saturday night. Photographic evidence was promptly posted by my friends on Instagram, so you’ll have to hurry to their “stories” if you want to see it.

Seriously, some random woman did that to my table window (I’m guessing because she was drunk and noticed the balloons I had?) and we all had a huge laugh over it.

This celebration meant so much to me, because…

That’s what I’m going to remember about celebrating my 29th birthday. I’m going to remember the laughs, the conversation, and the fantastic whiskey and burgers from The Half Barrel, which I specifically chose because it’s a whiskey bar. I’m going to remember the thoughtful gifts and kind words. I’m going to remember people surprising me by showing up at all. We’re all super busy, and for anyone to take two seconds out of their day just to say hello and “happy birthday” to me just meant so much.

I can’t thank The Half Barrel enough for accommodating us as my birthday party grew too! They did make sure everyone one served even if they only stopped to say hello for a few minutes.

The absolute right way to do your birthday in Rochester might not necessarily include having cute balloons with you downtown and having impromptu photoshoots to prove it. It does, however, include being surrounded by people who actually care to surround you. It should include those moments that bond you in laughter (like that window maker-outer). That’s certainly the best way to spend any birthday.

You know what? It doesn’t even matter if five people show up, or fifteen. Whoever does show up obviously cares, and if that doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will.

That is the right way to do your birthday in Rochester, Minnesota.

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