Class Of 2018: Val’s 8 Best Looks Of The Year

We’re about to “graduate” from 2018 into 2019 soon.

To be honest, I’m glad to see 2018 go for a lot of reasons, but ultimately it was a year of serious growth (and, ironically, things coming to a halt) that I needed.

I am SO ready for a new year, and for 2019.

To celebrate, I thought I’d put my eight best looks of the year on display so we can look back fondly. Also, some of you never saw the looks from earlier in the year, because I had posted them on my Instagram account associated with my old job.

Let’s smile, and take a look back at my eight favorite looks of the year!

Oh spring, I welcomed you with plenty of jumpsuits, rompers, and bright colors.

It’s funny, this summer I still found a way to wear a lot of black. I did it using flow fabric though with dresses and kimonos.

Marigold, and classic black again, boo! I wouldn’t have wanted my favorite season to go down any other way.

These are my most recent outfit shots, and I’ve gotta say wearing skirts in the winter made me feel like a badass.

Sure, I broke some classic fashion “rules”, but I definitely had fun experimenting with styling numerous outfits this year. How about you?

What was your favorite fashion moment from 2018?

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