9 Trendy Clothing Items You’ll Need In 2019

You knew your girl wouldn’t leave you hanging as we head into the new year, right?

I’ve had some extra time to browse the internet and social media for some of the hottest upcoming trends we’ll see in fashion in 2019. It’d be a sin if I kept that information from you, so let’s get to it!

In 2019, here are some trendy clothing items you’ll want to have to stay in vogue.

Holly Kasinak Photography
  1. A coral colored item: If you’re still not sure about Pantone’s color of 2019, let me just say you’re not alone. I wasn’t either. I’m warming up to it. When you’re wearing it, treat it the same way you would if you were wearing an animal print. Subtlety is key. A coral skirt or sweater is cute, but choose one or the other when you wear them as an outfit. I’ve got my eye on this sweater.
  2. An animal print item: It’s still a thing, baby! Stylewise, it’s not going anywhere.
  3. A band tee: It does grind my gears a tad to see that these are “trendy” now because I feel like you should purchase them only if you’re really into the band – BUT, why not take advantage of the movement and spread the love for the music anyway? Band tees are in. Buy them at shows though, when you can.
  4. Combat boots: The 90s revival hasn’t left yet. Get these boots in a color you love!
  5. Platform sandals: Think Spice Girls. I can’t wait to see more of these in stores!
  6. A signature A-Line skirt: I’m partial to the pleated ones. Find one in a color you love! These skirts are flattering on any body type.
  7. Bamboo bags: Wicker applies here too. We’ll see more of these on Instagram for sure!
  8. Bike shorts: Yep, Kim made them famous again.
  9. Statement tiny sunglasses: Remember these from the 90s? They’re in now again.

Which trend excites you the most?

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