9 Rochester Bands You Need To Know In 2019

2019 is fast approaching! For 2018, I made it one of my goals to further immerse myself in Rochester’s music scene.

I spent time with some of these musicians, watched them perform live, and sunk my teeth into their music. I think it’s only fair to say that you should too.

My Grandma’s Cardigan via Facebook

Without further delay, here are nine Rochester bands and musicians that I think you need to know in 2019 if you don’t know them already.

  1. Twin Lakes: You might as well call them Rochester’s Rush. Twin Lakes is a three-piece that’s way more relaxed than our favorite Canadians, but they do put out some amazing music. Check out their recent collaboration with My Grandma’s Cardigan.
  2. My Grandma’s Cardigan: Of course I’d mention them next! This duo harmonizes like none other. They’ve been pretty busy performing all over Rochester lately. Check them out for a serious dose of folk awesomeness.
  3. The 9th Planet Out: Looking for metal in southeast Minnesota? You’ve found it in The 9th Planet Out. While the music is rockin’, you really should check out their live show. It’s full of pyro and production!
  4. Embrace The Ending: Need more hard rock and metal? You’ve found it in Embrace The Ending. They’re known for some intense guitar and drum solos, and awesome original work.
  5. AfterTime: They specialize in symphonic metal, and are some of the nicest guys around! They bring a taste of Europe to the States! AJ is a beast on the drums.
  6. Jailhouse Payback: They’re not just country, they’re Americana meets rock too. Pay attention to when they play North Star Bar. You’ll be in for a fun night!
  7. Fall Risk: Seek them out for a dose of 90’s nostalgia and the sounds of Green Day and Sublime. You’ll hear covers when they perform live, but they add to the rest of their set made of originals.
  8. Local Sports: For when you’re just not finding enough of a punk sound in the area. They’ve got it! They’re one of the first holding a show in 2019, on January 5th.
  9. D’Sievers: There simply is no better person on the trombone than John. He keeps Rochester classy with his own touch of jazz. Check them out live!

There are plenty of other talented acts in the city, but this list, to me, was one that represented the variety of music genres we’ve got here in Rochester.

Out of curiosity, I have to ask, how many of these acts did you know already? Which one sounds the most interesting to you?

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  1. I had only heard of Twin Lakes and Fall Risk. Interested in checking out a few of the others you listed such as local sports and grandma’s cardigan but metal typically makes me contemplate if being deaf would really be so bad so I’ll leave half the list to those who dig the genre.

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