4 Creative Ways To Wear The Animal Print Trend In 2019

We’ve already been seeing it. It’s been taking over.

I’m talking about animal print.

If we’re being honest, it’s been a fashion statement forever. Sure, cave people wore fur to stay warm, but wearing animal print for fun probably began in the 50s and 60s.

It started out as an aesthetic declaration of prominence and luxury. My view: leopard print also means you’re in your natural element.

Right now, a variety of animal printed clothing is being sold in stores and my closet has expanded times three just because of it! I’m obsessed with this trend, and I’m happy to see its becoming an iconic look.

To get yourself ready for 2019, here are a few cute ways that you can wear this trend without looking like a leopard.

Holly Kasinak Photography

As I said, we don’t want to look so much like an animal that it’s like we’re wearing a costume. I’ve found that the key to avoiding looking like you just stepped out of The Jungle Book is to break up the patterns and prints with solid neutrals. There are a few ways to do that.

  1. Layer: Rock a leopard print top and throw a neutral colored skirt, overall, or romper on over it. Black works best.
  2. Cardigans and chunky sweaters: Break up an animal print top pattern with an earth-toned sweater. This way, you’re not looking “cartoon-y”, and you’re not wearing colors or prints that just look odd together.
  3. Need a bright color? Go red: I get it. Some of us are really into bright colors. If you need some brightness in your life, choose a red to pair your animal print with. It’s a fellow warm tone so it’ll compliment the look nicely, and may even offer a subtle pop of color among those neutrals.
  4. Skirts: They’re so in right now, and really easy to wear. You’ll look “put together” even when you’re not. Pair an animal print skirt or dress with a solid color for a complete outfit.

I hope these tips help! I’ve been having fun experimenting with them lately.

How do you wear leopard print?

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