Why We Should Celebrate Pete Davidson’s Cryptic Post

Sometimes it takes a scary moment to learn a serious lesson.

In case you missed it, we were concerned for SNL star Pete Davidson over the weekend after he posted on Instagram that he “didn’t want to be on this earth anymore”. 

Pete has been public about his mental health struggles. He’s one part of the biggest breakup of 2018 too. It’s been a tough year for him. 

I won’t lie and pretend that I personally haven’t had the same thoughts and concerns about our society that he has. I have. We’re living in a scary and divisive time. We’re redefining what’s okay and what isn’t. Unfortunately, some chose to bully Pete online and this triggered his latest breakdown. 

Pete Davidson via Facebook

While this whole event is scary and certainly worrisome, I do think there is one aspect of it that we should be celebrating.

We should remember that Pretty in Pink and Two And A Half Men star Jon Cryer seemingly kicked off a wave of support and love for Pete while he was upset. Because of his actions, Pete’s words were taken seriously and he received the care and attention that he needed. I’m thinking that it’s because of this support and concern that he didn’t take his life this weekend.

We should always take someone seriously when they’re down. At the very least those words deserve our attention. It’s not “dramatic”, and we’re not “overreacting” for checking on someone. We can all do better.

If you or someone you know is hurting, click here.

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