Val’s Corn Cob Water Tower Story

If you’re not from Rochester, Minnesota, you probably have no idea why something as silly as a water tower shaped like a corn on the cob is so important. 

I’ll be honest – there’s no obvious reason for it to exist. It’s just fun, cool, and unique. 

Unfortunately, some really don’t see the value in it and want to see it town down. I’m sharing my story in hopes of saving it. 

Google Street View

On May 13th, 2016 I made my way to Rochester, Minnesota for the first time to interview for an on-air position with Townsquare Media. It was a Friday. It was raining and gloomy. Apparently, this little dark-haired metalhead from Pittsburgh brought the darkness with her when she rolled into town. I found the weather oddly comforting. 

At this point, I’d been in the Midwest for three years already. When we passed the famous corn cob water tower, I remember asking my husband, “what is it with the Midwest and their corn?” assuming that this water tower was somehow an homage to the “Midwest way of life” or something.  We both laughed and admired its silliness. 

Two months later, we finally settled in Rochester and it didn’t take me long to learn how loved this corn cob water tower was. I remember getting phone calls from listeners in the area on Quick Country 96.5 that pulled the “there are worms in that thing!” joke on me when talking about it. I fell for it the first time. We used the corn cob water tower in our “imaging” or bits between songs because it was so (pun intended) engrained in our minds as an identifiable part of our community. Artwork has been completed as an homage to it as well.

Because of these encounters, it’s obvious to me that this silly little water tower is loved in Rochester. I hope it stays! Want to make sure it does? Click here.

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