‘Songbirds’ Twin Lakes and My Grandma’s Cardigan Team Up For EP

This is the EP that lovers of folk and Americana music didn’t know they needed. 

It came together right here in Rochester, Minnesota too. Local bands Twin Lakes and My Grandma’s Cardigan are arguably the “male/female” version of each other, so why wouldn’t they team up for an EP?  They both love their respective genres, and can use multiple instruments to create a sound that is truly their own.

Don’t believe me? Take a listen to the Songbird Sessions EP.

Never again will I question the power of the banjo and the emotion it can bring to the table. 

I’m in love with this EP not only because the music is of amazing quality, but also because it represents a shift in the music scene in Rochester. We’re collaborating now – and getting excited about it. 

Let’s support Songbird Sessions and show that we want more collaboration among our amazing talent!

Twin Lakes and My Grandma’s Cardigan via Apple Music

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