This Rochester Barista Has Several Instagram Accounts Dedicated To Him

Have you ever loved a barista so much that you wanted to make Instagram accounts about him? Personally, I haven’t (but maybe I should?), but I’m not knocking this idea either!

William Forsman via Facebook

If you live in Rochester, Minnesota you know that William Forsman is the owner of the massively successful Café Steam. He’s also a badass photographer and excellent barista. Seriously, ask him to make you a hot chocolate and you’ll see a dove in your cup.

He represents a new way of doing business. He welcomes and encourages the local arts scene, and is no stranger to collaborating with other small businesses in the Rochester area. Whether he knows it or not (I’m guessing he does), Café Steam is a creative safe haven where ideas are formed in Rochester. Those are the reasons that I like him anyway.

Someone else in Rochester (and no, it’s not me) must really like him. Maybe a little too much.

This morning I counted two, no, three Instagram accounts dedicated to both loving and “hating” Will. His official account is dedicated to his photography. Then there’s the account that supposedly “hates” him. There is also an account that “loves” him. The best one just says he’s “mediocre”, but we’ve known about this one for a while.

We don’t know who created these hilarious accounts. Sure, we have theories, but we don’t really know. 

I guess it just means he’s a lovable guy.

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