Metal Star Salutes Val’s Mental Health Awareness

When someone you look up to acknowledges you, it’s BIG. The reason one of my inspirations reached out to me was even bigger… and thus unexpected.

If you’ve ever followed me online, you’ll know that I occasionally share details of my mental health journey. I have since my breakdown and suicidal episode in June.  As hard or as “brave” as that may seem, I do it because I think it’s important to normalize that process. I’m still coping with all of that while having bouts of anxiety and depression even so many months later. Despite this, I think it’s important to share what I’m learning as I dive into self-care and to share what I”m learning when I’m sucked into that giant black hole again. 

One way that I cope is certainly by listening to inspiring music – including stuff from Kobra and the Lotus.

Imagine my surprise when I received an Instagram reply from Kobra herself!

We can be upset with social media for a variety of reasons. We can talk about how “fake” it can be, or how absurd it is that all we’re seeing is selfies, or we can focus on the moments of bright light like this one – using it to lift someone else up.

To see a rockstar take two seconds out of their day and think about me… a music and fashion nerd living in Minnesota… is not only flattering, but it also brings me hope. I’m hopeful that we can use social media to become comfortable with the concept of authenticity – just as we’ve used it to present only the “best” of our life. It’s time for a change, and I think we can do it. 

Who knows… if we start presenting the authentic, honest, and real parts of our life online, maybe we’ll be inspired to act this way in public.

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