4 Other Resturants That Could Replace Perkins In Rochester

The big news trending in Rochester this morning is the closing of both Perkins Resturants. 

It came as a surprise because both locations seemed regularly busy when you’d drive by them in town. Plus, they’re open late when you need them! 

It just seemed like there wasn’t much of a heads up or notice that both Perkins locations would be closing. You have until 10pm tonight to enjoy them before they go. 

Perkins via Facebook

As sad as this news is, there has been some talk about what café or restaurant could take the place of them. One suggestion is practicly being shouted from rooftops, and has been for some time. I agree with it. 

Here is the list of places that could take the place of Perkins in Rochester.

  • I-HOP: DUH. We’ve been asking for one for some time. It’d be a hit! You’d still get the feel of a family-friendly breakfast spot in town if it came here too.
  • Eat N’ Park: Some of you might be reading this asking, “what the hell is an Eat N’ Park?” It’s a fabulous breakfast (or any meal) spot native to my Pittsburgh that presents a feel of community that I know Rochester appreciates. Having one here would be awesome!
  • A new original Rochester café: We could use fewer chain restaurants around here! I’d be happy to support one that is totally created by a local.
  • The Canadian Honker: Who wouldn’t want another one?

What other resturant would you like to see in our area?

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