Tess Holliday Wants To Know How Your Date Went

I’m not talking about your date necessarily, but a date a fan of Tess went on.

That’s right! According to Instagram, legend, and body positive advocate, Tess Holliday wants to know how one fans’ date went because we’re basically ALL dying to know after seeing this story. She met them recently. 

I’ll let Tess explain.

…WE’RE DYING TO KNOW CHRISTY! How did your date go???

I’m writing this to help Christy reconnect with Tess and her fans so that she can share with us this information. However, Tess did reveal who “Christy” is because she tagged her on Instagram. 

So what’s the hold up Christy!? We want to know! If you’re reading this, I hope your date went well too!

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