The 3 Best ‘Bathroom Selfie’ Locations In Rochester

I’ll admit it – I’ve “bathroom selfie’d” and I’m sure you have too.

Sometimes when you’re at dinner and notice how pretty the bathroom is, ya just gotta get that mirror selfie in! I get it!

If you’re trying to do this in Rochester, let me assist you by pointing you in the right direction of the best… errr, local bathrooms to get one.

  • Little Thistle Brewery: The wallpaper in the women’s bathroom is everything! Serious antique French vibes.
  • The Thirsty Belgian:¬†You can write in chalk on the bathroom wall! Get creative that way, or with a mirror selfie!
  • Mr. Pizza North: Their bathroom has a clean and classic black and red look that’s perfect for mirror selfies.

Which one will you head to? Are there any spots I’m missing?

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