Whitney Peyton Debuts New Music Video ‘The Right Way’

If you don’t know Whitney Peyton, you should.  I met her this summer at Northern Invasion, and we bonded as native Pennsylvanians. Whether you know her or not, I guarantee you’ll be hearing from her more… especially after the release of her new music video.

The video is for the song “Love You The Right Way”. The lyrics tell a tale of a lover questioning the status of their relationship and if the communication between them is as solid as it could be. They also express a desire to improve communication between them.

If you missed the video, take a break from reading and watch it below.

Ironically, Whitney really released this video the right way. Girl blew up social media with a surprise announcement on all of her platforms and even revealed a slight teaser the day before. In a world where we’re bombarded with information constantly, it’s awesome to see something like this come through my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

To me, half of the battle is making the public aware that you’re releasing something new. Whitney slayed that.

Do you like her new video?

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