Joyous Wolf ‘Swears In’ Young Rocker

It’s so important to nurture the future! There’s no better way to do that than to induct them into the rock n’ roll lifestyle early.

Nick Reese of Joyous Wolf (a rock band formed in southern California in 2014) obviously knows this, because he did something pretty cool and posted evidence of it on Instagram. He “swore in” a young fan named Brianna as an official fan.

Nice work! Thanks for making sure rock n’ roll lives man!

To me, it’s so important that young music fans get at least a taste of rock somehow as they decide what they like to listen to and what they don’t. It seems like that’s happening too. A website explained, “In 2014, Nielsen actually ranked classic rock as the ninth most listened to format by millennials. Technology is playing a big part in bridging this generational gap. Younger listeners can now explore their musical roots through streaming audio, online radio, iTunes, and movie soundtracks.”

If you haven’t heard Joyous Wolf before, listen to them. I saw them at Northern Invasion this past summer and was really impressed. They’ve got a classic sound with an original twist.

Take a listen below.

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