I Wore The Same Outfit To A Wedding And Funeral

You can do this sort of thing, can’t you?

If you ask me, you can wear the same outfit to a wedding and funeral if you’re on a budget like me. Gotta go to both? Make something work that’s already in your closet!


You’re probably asking, “how can I do that?” Honestly, I didn’t have an answer to that question until I spontaneous threw this outfit together and realized it was perfect for multiple occasions.

I did it by throwing together a simple black dress and black loafers.

Yep. This black dress and these loafers. An entire outfit that you can snag for under $100.

Here’s why this outfit works for both a wedding and a funeral…

  1. You’re not wearing white and stealing the bride’s shine.
  2. You can accessorize it however you want, or not.
  3. You can accessorize it to add a pop of color if necessary, or go traditional and stick with pearls.
  4. You’re not in pain all day from wearing heels.
  5. Black is just what you do for funerals, obviously.
  6. It’s an easy look to transition from day to night. Just adjust your makeup for a pop of color and sass at nighttime!

Does this seem like a simple, classic, fashionable and functional look? Give it a try!

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