The Difference You’ll Notice In 2018 Slipknot

You remember the glory days of Slipknot right?

1999 and 2000 were some of my first middle school years. At the time, I don’t remember a single guy walking the halls of Harrison Middle School in Pittsburgh without spiked hair (with or without frosted tips), chain wallets, and either a Slipknot or Korn t-shirt. Nu metal was taking over. The sound was refreshing and gave even us “kids” hope that the genre would last. We loved them ever since.

Today, one of Iowa’s biggest cultural exports (next to Ashton Kutcher anyway) have since taken a hiatus (for a number of reasons – RIP Paul Gray) after seeing massive success in those years. It appears that hiatus is over now because Slipknot just released their first single since 2014.

Slipknot via Facebook

You’re looking at the cover out for “All Out Life”. Before you read further, you should probably listen to it first, and make your own observations about the tune.

The video is directed by “Clown” himself, and I dig it.

You might notice that a lot of YouTube comments on the music video say things like “old Slipknot is back!” and express happiness about the track. I’ll admit it – I love it too. It does ooze Slipknot. It was worth the wait.

To me, the difference between “old” Slipknot and 2018 Slipknot is Corey Taylor’s voice. It’s got the same rage that we know and love, but somehow it’s more controlled. It’s more sinister. It’s smarter. I like it.

How are you feeling about the new single?

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