5 Things You Learn Flying First Class

A quick trip back home to my native Pittsburgh allowed an opportunity to experience something I hadn’t before.

Val Kleinhans

Have you ever flown first class? I never have – until this past weekend, that is.

I’d love to thank American Airlines for getting me home to Minnesota safely after connecting in Charlotte, NC! I ended up flying first class as I got back to Minnesota which was a surprise.

While some of Americans fly first class regularly, the US isn’t where most people enjoy luxury travel. According to The Telegraph, “According to aviation number crunchers OAG, the greatest number of uber-rich travelers are ferried between the Iranian cities of Tabriz and Tehran by little-known ATA Airlines.”

If you haven’t done it before, check out a few things I learned about flying first class!

  1. The peanuts aren’t bagged: THEY COME WITH PLATES!!
  2. You really do have more leg room: It might be just a few inches, but it does make a difference.
  3. Water isn’t bottled: It comes IN A GLASS.
  4. You don’t really have to “dress up” while you’re sitting in first class: You do get a few extra smiles though if you’re wearing a blazer.
  5. You truly are served first: Your drink order is taken immediately – as in before you ever take off!

I’m definitely not used to flying first class, but for me, those were the coolest parts of doing so. Have you done it before? What’s your favorite part about flying?

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